Michael Joins Nyrv Audio for “ART” Line of Audio Software Plugins

I’m pleased to announce that I am working with Nyrv Audio as Sound Designer for a brand new line of plugins. The work that we’re doing is a great adventure that I believe sets a new standard in the way we bring the real sound of analog into the digital world.

This will not change my role as CDSoundMaster. I stand behind my products, and will of course continue to support all of these products. I have the highest respect for the Nebula/Acqua based technology and friendship with Giancarlo at Acustica Audio.

This new position with Nyrv Audio is an exciting opportunity for us to introduce a unique process I have worked to develop over many, many years, and now, thanks to the amazing Nyrv Audio team, that process has become a reality. This isn’t company hype; I mean this from my heart.

Jeff, Carlos, Cris, it’s an honor to join the team who’s going to be known for the finest sounding audio plugins in the industry.

You have heard me speak to my concept of recreating the real analog signal path, and using analog emulations in their correct signal chains to recreate the purity, non-linearity and complex nature of analog recording hardware. By focusing on a means by which all of these qualities can be interpreted into code, simplified down to the elements of accurate spectral, timing, pitching, and harmonic distortion, we’ve developed a process that we call “ART” – Analog Rendering Technology.

The ART series of plugins will provide a legacy of analog sound design that is light on CPU, highly accurate to the analog originals, and true zero latency from 44.1kHz to 96kHz, and compatible with all major DAW’s and formats on Mac and PC.

Our first release is finally available, and I am so excited to share it with you!

Please take a look at our launch page and come join me on social channels to discuss the exciting things happening.


Take a listen to this brief before/after for a hint of what the ART process can do:


With FixATune, We’re building a community of industry pro’s, beginners, and everyone in between to help the recording musician realize their goals, improving their mixes, and learning techniques that have a direct impact on their own material.

My goal is to dedicate myself to you, the audio community, to help bridge the gap between inspired ideas and the final impact of the recording. With a legacy of over a decade making analog a reality inside the DAW, and a new horizon to set the standard with Nyrv Audio’s proprietary ART line of plugins, I’ll be striving to get in the studio trenches with all of you as FixATune, to make audio history together, providing the best tools, tips, and community environment to date!