Forum Rules- Please read before posting

Please read forum rules to follow my requested guidelines on posts and content.
Forum rules
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Forum Rules- Please read before posting

Postby admin » Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:47 am

Forum Rules:
Be nice. Don't be a Robot.
No foul or lewd language, especially pointed at other members.

It's all about helping improve mixing and mastering skills. Stay on topic.

This is a controlled environment, meaning it is an extension of my website and my intellectual property. The forum serves the purpose of discussions for the specific topics I create, based on tutorials, webinars, master classes, etc. I request that members keep to the topics discussed. Members cannot create forum topics, but can reply to every thread that is created, except for mix/master submissions category which is there to provide instructions for submissions, and sections designed to promote members. Rules regarding my wishes for song requirements are considered a part of forum rules. If they are broken I may ask that something be removed or remove it myself.

As site admin, be forewarned, if I spot something that breaks the rules, you might be notified, I might delete it, or I might delete you; it's entirely up to me. So, let's just make the goal for this to be an incredibly super awesome forum!!!
Let's have fun and learn!!!

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