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First Product Overview Video-Nyrv Audio's AGENT Plugin

Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 1:41 am
by FixATune

Learn about the amazing and mysterious AGENT plugin by Nyrv Audio.
I am starting this new series with AGENT because for those who find it interesting and useful, Agent may just be a benefit to your mixing with any/all other plugins in your arsenal.

Much more than another plugin chainer, Agent let's the user configure, organize, and mix with an entire grouping of plugins all from a single user page- as if the whole group of plugins are a single plugin, but there's more...
It makes all of these parameters ready-to-connect to your favorite hardware controller, so now you can bring the true function of those controls to life!

Please check the video out, share with others, and keep your eyes open for some very important/exciting announcements and other videos coming very, very soon!!!

God Bless You!